About Geoff

Geoff Powell - WordPress Web Designers Noosa
  • Bachelor of Arts in Communication

  • Diploma of Photoimaging (Distinction)

  • Photography teacher  for 10 years (TAFE and private)

  • Silver with Distinction – AIPP Awards

  • 30 years experience

I have been a photographer since my early teens. That places me firmly in the film and prime lenses era of the late 70s & early 80s. I was initially drawn to photography by the work of American photographer Duane Michals, whose use of long exposures and writing on prints made me realise how expressive an art form it could be.

I have been fascinated by other forms of story (music, films, and especially books) my entire life, but this was a revelation. My oldest brother sold me his Pentax K1000 and some lenses (at a considerable profit no doubt) and I was away…

Professionally, life took me in other directions, until my early 30s, when I returned to uni to do a long overdue communications degree. I chose photography as an elective, just out of personal interest, and became completely obsessed with it all over again. From there I took a Diploma of Photography to formalise my already broad knowledge and skills.

After completing the Diploma of Photoimaging with Distinction, I started working at a local magazine as Photographer, but within the year I was headhunted to work as a teacher at my College. I taught Short Courses, Certificate courses and the Diploma of Photoimaging for 5 years, while building a photography practice on the side. Eventually, I struck out on my own, with my web design and photography business Photografica Creative and my photography teaching business, iTeachPhotographers.

These days, I am based at home where I work on websites and photo shoots, while listening to loud, old school, rock music! I also work from a professional photography studio in Maroochydore, Studio Level Eleven, where I do classes and studio based photography.  I am available for both studio and on location work, by appointment.


World-Class Digital Photography
Value Relationships
Breathe Creativity
Obsess Over Small Details
Solve Problems
Never Give Up
Exceed Expectations
Work when I need to


Work for Free
Think Small
Sacrifice Quality for Profit
Give up
Have an Inflated Ego
Impossible Deadlines
Anything Cheap and Nasty
Santa Photos
Give clients RAW files

My Ethics

A lot of businesses seem to forget that the client is paying for a service and that it’s incumbent on that business to satisfy the client’s wishes. I understand customer service and have a strong ethic to satisfy the client and deliver a quality product for their investment.

Photography is a professional service, and I aim to deliver a professional product. Anything else would be mediocre, and if there’s anything I hate, it’s mediocrity.

It’s a cliche but it’s so true. I don’t believe in doing anything if I don’t do it well. My personal sense of professionalism is evident on every job I do, whether it’s a business head shot, a commercial shoot, or a family portrait. My work ethic is second to none.

A photographer is nothing without vision. Good techniques are crucial, but an overarching vision is a higher requirement. I pride myself on seeing the big picture and not getting lost in the technical details. Visual expression is one of the biggest parts of who I am.

Quality work is the qualitative output of professionalism. If you do something well, the work is of a high quality. I dislike mediocrity intensely and constantly strive to produce high-quality work. With photography, this is achieved by having a strong ability to focus and paying attention to the small details.

Strongly linked to customer service, this quality is needed for good working relationships. It’s about keeping your word, earning trust, and delivering what you say you will. I try to live by this in both work and personal relationships.

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